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Friday, 1 June 2018

After Long Lunch Break on Friday

** Mood after lunch**

After having long hour [1 hour and 45 mins] break, I was still feeling hungry.  It was because I ate less in the morning.  Just a piece of toast which handmade by me and few pieces of fine extra dark chocolate with a big cup of non-sugar black coffee which powder made provided by company.

Well, the lunch I just had one serving portion of soup wantan mee.  **Right now, get surprise from my HOD that suddenly skype me asking:" food got reduce price?"... Uhh... a bit shocked.

Put aside it, talk something not related to previous post, I'll talk frankly to my blogspot here, a platform that I can be true to myself.  Frankly speaking, I'm on a diet recently.  Just wanted to get slim as before.  So now I'm trying... keep trying but still eating big as I thought.  Yet, people around me were saying me become thin a bit recently. **Ngek ngek** I realize it too.

Selfie after lunch when no one in office 😆

Alright, I should stop here right now, if not, the post will be getting longer.

To be continued.... if I got the writing mood later on.

Bye for now.

Too Much to Say!

Hey Guys!  Thank Heavens It's Friday!
Also, it's fresh start in a new month - June.  Perhaps everyone desires time flies slowly, so do I.

Yeah... I've really too much to say and share - my feelings, experiences in my field (auditing), perspective etc.  Feeling good and exciting that coming back for writing post.

Let's talk from the beginning.  As mentioned in the previous post (dated 31 May 2018), regarding to my self-studying during working hours.  I've started my second job in my career life on 14 May 2018.  Since graduation from college, I was started my first job in an outsourcing internal audit firm, which is a small-medium size firm.  I was always be proud of that I could stepped in work society when I was 22 years old as I always rapid than who are same age with me.  

I've been wondering that why my life was being this - TENSION?  Could I say like this, should be yes.  I'd noticed since long ago as my friends and even my sister who are started their first job after a long rest days (the period after the final exam).  I'd rested my mind and body just for around one week and afterward I had started searching job.  That time, I'd started attending some interviews included Senheng for internal audit executive, which the position I'd seriously considered and compared, Lion Group for tax executive, which the position I'd rejected as the areas of learning is quite small, an EA firm located at Sri Petaling, offered me an unsatisfied salary (not my expected one) etc.

[Oops, I was kept hearing my male colleague who sat beside me, his stomach started growling if I'm not mistaken... haha.  But no joke, my stomach happened this kind of accident once before and its sound loud.]

In the end, I had signed an employment letter just less than 2 weeks if I was not forgotten.  You see, how rapid my process in applying the job as I was unexpected too.  Waited for around 1 to 2 weeks, on 15 June 2015 (I've still not forgotten) I'd started my new job day.  How was my first job experiences (for around 3 years experiences) in INTERNAL AUDIT FIELD in this firm?  To Be Shared... stay tuned for updates! 

Nonetheless, I have a lot of time on my hands right now.  I would talk frankly that it's feeling great!  No more pressures from superior as experienced in last job, no more OT (always get off work on time), no more LAST MINUTE work/ amendments/ discussion/ report issuance/ announcement etc.  These are what I feel it in current job,  in house department - internal audit.

While, when you are feeling no pressure from work that may makes you be in more comfortable zone.  There is the reason why I started self-studying during working hours.  Don't get myself being too leisure and learning nothing in the workplace.  Whatever, I am going to start my first internal audit assignment (for 3 weeks) in next week.  After joining the current job, I've realized that the differences between outsourced and in house internal audit (To be shared next time).  I believe that there are still many areas where I could learn from.  In other aspects, I am expecting for high bonus from this company as this was an crucial information from resigned colleague who same department with me of this company.

I should stop here right now.  I still having many to share but will be sharing slowly by posting as I could.  I am going to lunch in next 23 minutes, woohoo!  Time flies! 

#It is good start that I've read an article {Title: How to handle mistakes at work} in this morning.  I wish I could read at least one interesting article in every day onward. 

Bring on the weekend. I am so ready for it.